Powerful search and analytics

Qbox is managed cloud hosting for Elasticsearch, the bleeding edge of open source full-text search. Whether it's 10 thousand or 10 billion documents, we've got it covered.

Scale at your fingertips

From a single page, launch a 1-node microcluster for testing or a 10-node production cluster big enough to search all the phone call data you've been collecting.

On-demand around the globe

Built for Amazon EC2, Rackspace, & SoftLayer, Qbox can deploy Elasticsearch to any major data center region in the world. There's no extra wait for availability in your area.

Index a document

curl https://..qbox.io/products/product -d '{
  "title" : "Product Name",
  "price" : 24.99


curl https://..qbox.io/products/_search -d '{
  "query" : {
    "match" : {
      "title" : "Product Name"
Single-tenant multi-node clusters in isolated VMs
Kibana, plugins, & rivers to existing databases
Authentication & private IP access

$60 introductory credit on signup

Apply your credit however you'd like: Test a cluster on a small server free for an entire month, or apply the credit towards a bigger cluster and save on your first invoice.

Elasticsearch as a service
  • Amsterdam
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Frankfurt
  • Hong Kong
  • Houston
  • Ireland
  • London
  • Melbourne
  • N. California
  • Oregon
  • Paris
  • San Jose
  • Sao Paulo
  • Seattle
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
  • Toronto
  • Washington, DC


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