Our story

More than one billion Elasticsearch operations were served by Qbox in the few months following its launch. We've helped get search projects off the ground for hundreds of budding startups, and we've helped expand or replace the data layer of a few Fortune 500 companies.

Our mission

As search and "big data" exploration have become increasingly crucial components of modern applications, our focus on making Elasticsearch more accessible to the app developer has been a great success.

With Qbox, the dev hours spent installing, configuring, networking, securing, and monitoring Elasticsearch clusters vanish.

Our simple, yet robust platform reduces the challenges of building search applications to the most important task: development.

Our team

Mark Brandon, CEO

Mark Brandon

With 20+ years of sales experience at companies such as Oracle, Dell, and UBS Piper Jaffray, Mark does what he can to keep the fridge stocked with Red Bull.

Ben Hundley, Chief Architect

Ben Hundley
Chief Architect

When not hacking the Gibson, Ben tends to his two large dogs and extra-large beard. The latter has been awarded Best in Show.

Victoria Coppett, Sales

Victoria Coppett

Cat whisperer and fitness fanatic, Victoria is our own Pete Campbell, except she would've kicked Lane's ass.

Michael Lussier, Developer

Michael Lussier

Our youngest team member and in-house wise guy, Michael is a fledgling developer with an affinity for all things code.

Brad Simmons, Developer

Brad Simmons

A true causality dilemma and oldest living creature, this celestial embryo pierced through the ether sparking life into the universe.