Our story

More than one billion Elasticsearch operations were served by Qbox in the few months following its launch. We've helped get search projects off the ground for hundreds of budding startups, and we've helped expand or replace the data layer of a few Fortune 500 companies.

Our mission

As search and "big data" exploration have become increasingly crucial components of modern applications, our focus on making Elasticsearch more accessible to the app developer has been a great success.

With Qbox, the dev hours spent installing, configuring, networking, securing, and monitoring Elasticsearch clusters vanish.

Our simple, yet robust platform reduces the challenges of building search applications to the most important task: development.

Our team

Mark Brandon

Mark Brandon CEO

Since founding Qbox in 2012, Mark has implemented and refined the cat-herding talents he learned at Oracle and Dell.

Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston CTO

Having grappled with web-scale issues at Walmart, Mike Johnston has been using Kubernetes since 2015. He was on the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s working committee that authored the CKA exam.

Victoria Wilbourn

Victoria Wilbourn Operations Manager

Victoria has worked in the early-stage/startup arena for the past 20 years. At Qbox since 2013, she juggles various hats -- HR/payroll; metrics reporting; marketing assistant; fundraising assistant; final-eyes copyeditor; accounting assistant; den mother; and “whaaaat?”

Will Cooper

Will Cooper Director of Sales

Will has been leading the sales efforts for both Qbox and Supergiant since 2017. He has earned the well-deserved reputation of being “a total weirdo” and has been voted "most likely to eat your unlabeled food in the fridge."

Aaron Teague

Aaron Teague Software Engineer

Aaron earned his CKA in 2018 and now spends most of his time administering 9 clusters and 500+ nodes for Qbox’s hosted Elasticsearch service. He is also our resident maker.

Taras Hetmanchuk

Taras Hetmanchuk Design Lead

Taras rules UX/UI and visual identity for all products, and he is the primary owner of our design libraries and style guides. He is also our in-house DJ/mixmaster.

Clarke Vennerbeck

Clarke Vennerbeck Kubernetes Evangelist

When he is not fully engulfed by the flames of industrial progress, Clarke is a mild-mannered CKA and CKAD. He is also the primary author of Supergiant University's 90+ modules.

Dmytro Tsapko

Dmytro Tsapko Senior Software Engineer

Dmytro has been doing Infrastructure and dev stuff for about ten years. In addition, he teaches Golang programming, programming patterns, and reliable software development to first- and second-year students.

Eldridge Henley

Eldridge Henley Manager of Customer Support

Eldridge earned his CKA in 2018 and manages our team of Technical Support Engineers for Supergiant and Qbox’s hosted Elasticsearch. He proudly holds the title of “greatest beard.”

Gerald Lamont

Gerald Lamont Senior Project Manager

Gerald is the company's time-line wrangler and detail juggler. He is also a serious history buff and regularly provides “this day in history” notes.

Kelly Strauch

Kelly Strauch Business Analyst

When she's not busy scheming new ways to save on infrastructure costs, Kelly takes care of anything Salesforce-related. She says she owes much gratitude to her feline roommates for their keyboard prowess and assistance in late-night crunch times.

Joe Kane

Joe Kane Front-End Engineer

As a Clojure/Javascript developer, Joe spends most of his time building tools that solve real-world infrastructure problems. He’s also probably the only hockey fan within 150 miles.

Gleb Stepanov

Gleb Stepanov Senior Kubernetes Engineer

Gleb has been developing with Java, Python, and Go for more than six years and has earned the CKA and CKAD designations. He is a former Openstack contributor and current Supergiant contributor.

Kirill Goltsman

Kirill Goltsman Content Manager

Kirill spends most of his time studying cloud native technologies and writing about Kubernetes and Elasticsearch for Qbox and Supergiant blogs.

Michael Lussier

Michael Lussier Technical Support Engineer

Michael has been developing with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and Elasticsearch to build features for and to support Qbox for four years.

Nick Rager

Nick Rager Technical Support Engineer

Nick works all the gizmos and bleep-bloops in Operations, working to make the world a better place through distributed data exploration and container orchestration.

Serhii Aheienko

Serhii Aheienko Technical Support Engineer

As a GO Developer, Serhii started using Kubernetes in 2017 and earned his CKA in 2018 shortly after joining the Supergiant team. A native of Ukraine, he is a contributor to the Supergiant Toolkit.

Claire Villafuerte

Claire Villafuerte Support Representative

Claire has been with Qbox since July 2015 and performs a broad variety of administrative tasks for Mark, along with sales assistance and lead enrichment.

Fernando Garcia

Fernando Garcia Technical Support Engineer

Fernando recently joined Qbox from the non-profit world and is now sharpening his Elasticsearch and Kubernetes skills on the daily.

Josephine Hardy

Josephine Hardy Director of Marketing

Josie is a writer turned marketer who specializes in promoting tech startups using inbound marketing techniques.

Kateryna Nazina

Kateryna Nazina Business Development Representative

With a “person Friday” service inclination and mad translator skills, Kateryna provides support to Supergiant's rapidly growing team in Ukraine.

Roman Stentsenko

Roman Stentsenko Technical Support Engineer

Roman started his IT career at a call center. After learning Java, he quickly grew into software engineer roles and recently joined Qbox as a technical support engineer. He spends his free time learning Docker and AWS.

Artur Salii

Artur Salii Technical Support Engineer

Artur recently joined Qbox and Supergiant via our Kyiv Support team. He brings a DevOps magic along with an expressed understanding of how great his hair is. He is currently working on obtaining his CKA.