Our story

More than one billion Elasticsearch operations were served by Qbox in the few months following its launch. We’ve helped get search projects off the ground for hundreds of budding startups, and we’ve helped expand or replace the data layer of a few Fortune 500 companies.

Our mission

As search and “big data” exploration have become increasingly crucial components of modern applications, our focus on making Elasticsearch more accessible to the app developer has been a great success.

With Qbox, the dev hours spent installing, configuring, networking, securing, and monitoring Elasticsearch clusters vanish.

Our simple, yet robust platform reduces the challenges of building search applications to the most important task: development.

Our team

Mark Brandon

Mark Brandon CEO

Since founding Qbox in 2012, Mark has implemented and refined the cat-herding talents he learned at Oracle and Dell.

Victoria Wilbourn

Victoria Wilbourn Operations Manager

Victoria has worked in the early-stage/startup arena for the past 20 years. At Qbox since 2013, she juggles various hats -- HR/payroll; metrics reporting; marketing assistant; fundraising assistant; final-eyes copyeditor; accounting assistant; den mother; and “whaaaat?”

Nick Rager

Nick Rager Technical Support Engineer

Nick works all the gizmos and bleep-bloops in Operations, working to make the world a better place through distributed data exploration and container orchestration.

Fernando Garcia

Fernando Garcia Technical Support Engineer

Fernando recently joined Qbox from the non-profit world and is now sharpening his Elasticsearch and Kubernetes skills on the daily.

Kate Nazina

Kate Nazina Sales

Kate makes it happen in our sales organization, providing first point of contact and service.