10.12.2018 - Qbox Changelog

Posted by Kirill Goltsman October 12, 2018


  • Logs download feature. Users can now download Elasticsearch logs as a tar archive from their Qbox dashboard.
  • Invoices can now be downloaded in PDF by primary account admins.

In Progress

  • Qbox cluster provisioner is being upgraded with the Supergiant product to improve the speed of user cluster provisioning, cluster availability, performance, and resource utilization.
  • Updating ElastAlert alerting system to be compatible with ES 6.2.1 clusters.


  • Configuring and installing SENTINL from the Qbox dashboard. SENTINL is a plugin that adds alerting and reporting functionality to Kibana. It allows monitoring, notifying, and reporting on data series changes using standard queries, configurable actions, and programmable validators.
  • Updating K8s. Updating K8's should help Dev/Ops internally as it gives them the most recent abilities K8s has to offer. Also, it may help with cluster creation and pod scheduling speeds.
  • The ability for users to request VPC via their dashboard.
  • Download customer backups from the Qbox dashboard. It will give Qbox users a piece of mind that they could always grab a copy if they needed it.