Mark Brandon

Alerting and analytics go together like cookies and milk. We’ve known this, but we didn’t build alerting into our Elasticsearch service because there are so many good solutions out there that we thought we would be reinventing the wheel.

However, as uses for Elasticsearch have diversified, we changed our opinion. We’ve implemented enough alerting solutions for our customers that we decided to make the best turnkey alerting solution available for all new clusters.

Today we announce hosted ElastAlert — the superb open-source alerting tool built by the team at Yelp Engineeringnow available on all new Elasticsearch clusters on AWS.

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As first announced today by the Linux Foundation, Qbox is pleased to confirm that it has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. The CNCF is a collaborative project of the non-profit Linux Foundation that brings together market participants in the containerization space to formulate and promote standards.

Seeded in 2015 when Google contributed the Kubernetes project, CNCF now includes dozens of companies across the globe. By working together, the participants hope to drive the business value of Cloud Native applications like Kubernetes, Prometheus, Docker, Rocket, and the Open Container Initiative and to work toward a more hardware-agnostic future.

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Introducing Supergiant by Qbox

Posted by Mark Brandon April 26, 2016

Several months ago, shortly after a fundraising round enabled us to finally undertake long-term thinking, I tasked our team to come up with an infrastructure model that was better optimized, lower cost, more stable, more performant, and ultimately the highest, best use for our favorite data exploration and analytics platform.

Our team suggested a containerization route, with Docker being the most appealing.  However, we found that Docker can be cumbersome with stateful applications like Elasticsearch, Postgres, MySQL, etc.  Perusing the case study history, we also found that using Docker in a SaaS environment came with its share of performance and “noisy neighbor” problems.

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Community Highlight:

Posted by Mark Brandon February 17, 2016

We are so passionate about search, that despite even our best efforts to build amazing search experiences we are just a hair short of this amazing tool. Concerning Searchkit, we can’t help but brag about what might appear as a competitor, because our new friends at TenEleven  have such a great library (check it out on Github). Qbox liked the project so much, we have begun contributing infrastructure to the project.

Searchkit Demo

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