Mark Brandon

This is Mark Brandon with Qbox. And, in this video, we are going to walk through the new role based access control. This feature allows users to share the infrastructure dashboard with other users in their organization, allowing multiple users to provision resources, or to modify resources, troubleshoot problems, access bills, invite other users or cancel the account.

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Alerting and analytics go together like cookies and milk. We’ve known this, but we didn’t build alerting into our Elasticsearch service because there are so many good solutions out there that we thought we would be reinventing the wheel.

However, as uses for Elasticsearch have diversified, we changed our opinion. We’ve implemented enough alerting solutions for our customers that we decided to make the best turnkey alerting solution available for all new clusters.

Today we announce hosted ElastAlert — the superb open-source alerting tool built by the team at Yelp Engineeringnow available on all new Elasticsearch clusters on AWS.

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