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Mark Brandon is the Co-Founder and CEO of Prior to Qbox, Mark was a Middleware salesman for Oracle's Enterprise Named Accounts segment, where he handled Fortune 100 accounts such as Morgan Stanley, Pfizer, Bristol Myers, and Sony. Mark also spent six years in the Major Public Accounts segment at Dell, Inc. selling hardware and services solutions to such customers as Chicago Public Schools, University of Illinois System, Northwestern University, and University of Chicago.

Read CEO Mark Brandon's explanation of business continuity steps taken in the face of the global health and economic crisis.

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Our Commitment to GDPR

Posted by Mark Brandon May 24, 2018

Qbox is fully committed to achieving compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the May 25 deadline.

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Alerting and analytics go together like cookies and milk. We've known this, but we didn't build alerting into our Elasticsearch service because there are so many good solutions out there that we thought we would be reinventing the wheel.

However, as uses for Elasticsearch have diversified, we changed our opinion. We’ve implemented enough alerting solutions for our customers that we decided to make the best turnkey alerting solution available for all new clusters. 

Today we announce hosted ElastAlert -- the superb open-source alerting tool built by the team at Yelp Engineering -- now available on all new Elasticsearch clusters on AWS.

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As first announced today by the Linux Foundation, Qbox is pleased to confirm that it has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. The CNCF is a collaborative project of the non-profit Linux Foundation that brings together market participants in the containerization space to formulate and promote standards.  

Seeded in 2015 when Google contributed the Kubernetes project, CNCF now includes dozens of companies across the globe. By working together, the participants hope to drive the business value of Cloud Native applications like Kubernetes, Prometheus, Docker, Rocket, and the Open Container Initiative and to work toward a more hardware-agnostic future.

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Introducing Supergiant by Qbox

Posted by Mark Brandon April 26, 2016

Several months ago, shortly after a fundraising round enabled us to finally undertake long-term thinking, I tasked our team to come up with an infrastructure model that was better optimized, lower cost, more stable, more performant, and ultimately the highest, best use for our favorite data exploration and analytics platform.  

Our team suggested a containerization route, with Docker being the most appealing.  However, we found that Docker can be cumbersome with stateful applications like Elasticsearch, Postgres, MySQL, etc.  Perusing the case study history, we also found that using Docker in a SaaS environment came with its share of performance and “noisy neighbor” problems.

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Community Highlight:

Posted by Mark Brandon February 17, 2016

We are so passionate about search, that despite even our best efforts to build amazing search experiences we are just a hair short of this amazing tool. Concerning Searchkit, we can't help but brag about what might appear as a competitor, because our new friends at TenEleven  have such a great library (check it out on Github). Qbox liked the project so much, we have begun contributing infrastructure to the project.

Searchkit Demo

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Google recently pulled the plug on its 14-year experiment selling search hardware to enterprises. Last week, the company informed its network of resellers that it has a year left, though support licenses would continue until 2019.

While Google claims that the GSA will be replaced by a yet-to-be announced cloud-based alternative -- a “don’t hold your breath” statement if I ever heard one -- the ease of use and licensing schemes will need to be reworked at the very least if they want to be on par with their open source brethren.

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I’m proud to announce that Qbox has beefed up its marketing team with two new hires.

First, we welcome Adam Vanderbush as our new VP of Marketing.  Adam will be the 12th employee and work from Qbox HQ in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  

Prior to joining Qbox, Adam held a similar role with EquityNet, a Fayetteville-based crowdfunding platform.  He also has a professional history with many others on our team, having been employed at Acumen Brands, Fayetteville’s e-commerce powerhouse and Southern Lifestyle brand, where he managed inbound marketing initiatives.

Of course, our pursuit of Adam has been 3 years in the making.  Qbox CTO and Co-founder, Ben Hundley, participated with Adam in the 2012 Ark Challenge as co-founders of Mass Vector, a demand and pricing application.  Qbox (then known as Stacksearch) also participated in that cohort.  

"Qbox exhibits a great opportunity for me to apply my varied knowledge in marketing to a market leader in search applications,” says Adam.  I look forward to joining the team."

Kelly Strauch joins Qbox as a business analyst and our 13th employee, focusing on our Demand Gen platforms.  With certifications in development and Salesforce Administration, she has been a freelance consultant in Northwest Arkansas for the last two years.  Qbox had been one of her clients, and we convinced her to join us full time.

Kelly also brings experience from CodeScience, the large San Francisco-based Salesforce integration partner.

Qbox users will be glad to know that both the development and support of the Qbox platform will accelerate quite noticeably in the coming weeks and months. That's because we have gone through a recent boost in hiring. It's absolutely thrilling to build upon our successes by adding four new staff members to the Qbox family.

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Qbox Has Been Funded

Posted by Mark Brandon August 28, 2015

We’re thrilled to announce that we have just raised $2.4 million from a batch of investors, large and small, all of whom add significant value to the Qbox team. You can read about it on VentureBeat and elsewhere.

I recently read that being congratulated on a round of fundraising is like being congratulated for taking out a mortgage (credit: Ryan Smith, CEO, Qualtrics). It’s the conclusion of a sometimes painful process, but it’s only the beginning. I’ll leave my personal reflections and pats-on-the-back to personal social profiles, since there are so many individuals we could thank. But let’s not digress into an Academy Awards snoozer in this forum.

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