Michael Hill

On April 26, Elastic published Elasticsearch version 2.3.2.

Version 2.3.2 contains a number of bug fixes, including an issue when selecting concrete indices during a snapshot restore. If, when restoring a snapshot and an index not in the snapshot is specified, another index contained within the snapshot would be selected to restore. This bug is known to exist on version 1.7.

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On October 28th, Elastic released Elasticsearch Version 2.0.0.  Read this article for a short summary of the release notes and links to more information.

There have been some changes to mappings intended to eliminate a range of issues from exceptions when indexing and querying to search results that are different on identical requests.  This was accomplished by removing the ability to delete a type mapping and imposing restrictions, such as all fields with the same name within the same index must have the same mapping.

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