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Clinton Gormley, co-author of “Elasticsearch – The Definitive Guide” and developer for Elasticsearch, recently gave a presentation at ScaleConf about scaling real-time search and analytics with Elasticsearch.

In his presentation Gormley talks about an inverted index, lucene segmenting, shards, and nodes in a cluster. His presentation offers a descriptive overview of how Elasticsearch creates its real-time, powerful, scalable, search and analytics. Even those without a technical background will find this presentation is excellent in conveying the power and utility of Elasticsearch.

If you want to read more from Gormley, we recommend “Elasticsearch – The Definitive Guide,” which is itself an interesting project undertaken with his co-worker and bio-informatics wizard, Zachary Tong. The project is slated to be printed eventually by O’Reilly. As of now, however, chapters are being published on Github as they are released. Readers are encouraged to make their own contributions and submit a pull request.

If you enjoyed Gormley’s slides, please let him know @clintongormley on Twitter or clintongormley on github.

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