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Ryan Robitaille, Director of Data Services and Solutions Consultant for Linium, offers an informative tutorial on Connecting Tableau to Elasticsearch on his site ryrobes.com.

Ryan begins the tutorial with what everyone seems to say about Elasticsearch: “it’s fast. Really. F!@#ing. Fast.” He then proceeds to walk you through his perceived problem: he can’t use his go-to visual analytics tool Tableau with Elasticsearch… Or can he? Ryan shows you can get it done from the bottom up using Hadoop, MapReduce and Hive SQL to connect Tableau to Elasticsearch.

As all really effective tutorials do, Connecting Tableau to Elasticsearch walks you carefully through every step without losing you along the way. From showing the Hadoop and Hive configurations, to plugging in Elasticsearch, to ending with the connection to Tableau, Ryan’s tutorial gives you all the pieces you need to get up and running. In addition, he throws in some free laughs to keep the tutorial moving.

If you want to see more of Ryan’s tutorials and content, he invites you to leave a comment on his site or tweet @ryrobes to let him know.