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Many of us in the Elasticsearch community and the Drupal community are watching with interest the fledgling Elasticsearch Connector and its growth. Using the Elasticsearch PHP Library, this connector is designed as a set of modules to build an Elasticsearch ecosystem in Drupal, the popular content management system used by companies such as BIkes, Gear & More, Love the Garden, and Eurocentres. It appears that this new connector could ultimately grow to meet the need for a full-featured connection from the world of Drupal to Elasticsearch.

Nikolay Ignatov, a board member of the Drupal Bulgaria Foundation, is heading the Elasticsearch Connector module project, which is increasing in popularity and improvements daily, thanks to Nikolay and the Drupal community.

A few of the current features including handling of cluster connections and settings through Drupal’s user interface. Elasticsearch Watchdog is a supporting module feature that provides logging of watchdog messages, facet filtering, automatic deletion of old logs using Elasticsearch’s TTL metadata, and more. The Search API integration contributes searches, facets, autocomplete suggestions, and “more like this” searches. With view integration for selecting from any index and document types in the cluster.

The Elasticsearch Connector project is admittedly still young, and it is a big task to tackle when keeping with the Drupal structure of no coding language required. Current modules allow for Drupal users to implement Elasticsearch indexing, logging, and searching. Although all of the features of Elasticsearch aren’t yet implemented, Elasticsearch Connector’s development velocity is promising more, soon.

Visit the Drupal Elasticsearch Connector documentation for more information.