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We’re always glad to see unsolicited kudos from independent sources. Alex Zhitnitsky over at Takipi has given Qbox a priority placement in his review of ELK-stack cloud services. He shares his own experiences in resolutely managing his home-grown ELK stack and then outlines the advantages of hosted Elasticsearch.

Some Qbox customers have much in common with his story, although many have special business and technical requirements. Now that Alex is enjoying the benefits of hosted Elasticsearch, he offers helpful advice from the perspective of a developer who has run the entire gamut. We respond to his review in this short article.

In his recent blog article, Five Reasons You Should Stop Hosting Your ELK Stack Locally, Alex Zhitnitsky shares his experiences and then encourages his readers to consider moving their local ELK environments up to a hosted cloud service. We especially like his link to the BBC article about the adventures of a drunken elk in Sweden.

Because his experience was so challenging and the rework was potentially avoidable, Alex is keen to help others in the Elasticsearch community recognize when it makes sense to change the way they manage their Elasticsearch environment. He also surveys the various options that are available when the time arrives to make the switch.


Toil and Trouble

In his article, Alex steps through a number of challenges, and then presents a number of lessons that drove him to choose cloud services for his ELK environment.

If you find yourself enduring no small amount of tedium and frustration, Alex recommends that you make the switch to hosted services. This is especially worthwhile for those who don’t merely use ELK for BI statistics but pipe all of their logging data through it, immediately gaining dedicated support, monitoring, alerts, security, and permissions management features.

Think about it: there are many other things to manage as you scale your ELK stack: upgrades, backups, and configuring shard counts and the number of nodes in your ES cluster. Before you know it, says Alex, you’re a sidekick ElasticSearch DBA and the job consumes too much of your time. Migrating your ELK environment up to the cloud can alleviate many of your pain points.

It appears that Alex may have been reading our blog. We invite all of our readers to look at one of his apparent favorites, Thoughts on Launching and Scaling Elasticsearch Clusters.


Hosted Elasticsearch Services

Alex knows that there are some respectable alternatives for cloud hosting of your ELK stack. We appreciate that he mentions Qbox prominently in his article. We work hard, we innovate, and we are our own customer! We’re very enthusiastic about our new feature, Replicated Elasticsearch Clusters on AWS.

Alex reiterates what we’ve been saying since our inception: when you host your ES cluster with a SaaS service, much of tedium that comes with cluster management goes over to the hosting provider. When that happens, you’re free to spend the extra time on other important tasks.


The Real Cost

Yes, a hosted service will cost you more than the setup costs for a home-grown infrastructure. But you recoup those costs in the time that you’ll save and the frustrations that you avoid. You can greatly reduce the effort that you and your colleagues spend on all the details of managing your Elasticsearch deployment.


Other Helpful Resources

Have a look at these other resources that can help you optimize your work with Elasticsearch:

Give It a Whirl!

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