Roy Russo, Chief Architect for Altisource Labs and founder of ElasticHQ, talks about an exciting announcement from Elasticsearch in How the World uses ElasticHQ and Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch recently announced they’ve hit six million downloads since its launch in 2010 with Shay Banon at the helm. They’ve stated that “nearly 4,000,000 of those were downloaded over the last 12 months,” with a current download rate of 500,000 per month.

This rapid increase in downloads is proof of the power, reliability, and continued improvement Elasticsearch provides. Thousands of organizations all over the world use Elasticsearch — including big names such as Netflix, Yelp Verizon, StumbleUpon, FourSquare, GitHub, Associated Press, Soundcloud, Facebook, McGraw-Hill, and Wikimedia, just to name a few — because it continues to be the best search software available.

Roy Russo offers an informative perspective of Elasticsearch use cases. As founder of ElasticHQ, he is able to gather and analyze generic usage and environmental data on the Elasticsearch clusters, providing information on Elasticsearch versions, user locations, documents per cluster, indices per cluster (very interesting). The graphs included with How the World uses ElasticHQ and Elasticsearch show a very clear view of how Elasticsearch is used. I won’t spoil the surprise, but I promise you’ll be impressed.

For more from Roy, feel free to tweet @royrusso and let him know you want more. And if you’re interested in using ElasticHQ, Qbox now offers it with our New Clusters with SSD.