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Today we’re excited to announce a much-requested addition to the Qbox dashboard: teams can now manage multiple dashboard users, so that billing can be centralized and passwords never need to be shared.

Growing Up

As more and more businesses use Qbox at scale, we’ve seen teams of developers work together by sharing credentials to the Qbox dashboard. We all know this can lead to trouble, so we’re happy that credential sharing can be a thing of the past.

Everything Is Easier for Teams

All existing Qbox users have been graduated to account administrators. For individuals working solo, nothing will work any differently, except you may notice the addition of a Users tab in the dashboard.

To make things easier for teams, account administrators can now grant access to additional members, and if you want to assign account admin responsibility, you can even assign that responsibility to other users, too.

Users of accounts now share a common billing profile, enabling users responsible for managing finances to add and update billing details (which remain hidden), while other developers can simply focus on cluster resources.

Working toward Better Experiences

This new capability resulted from asking our customers what features they wanted most. Qbox has grown up along with many of our customers’ businesses, so we’re going to continue making strides to improve customer experience with us in the cloud.

This is only one more step in the journey of Qbox cloud improvements, so please feel free to contact us to let us know how we can make your experience better.