Qbox Joins Instaclustr, Plans March 31, 2023, Sunset Date. Read about it in our blog post here.

Qbox Software Engineer Michael Lussier has published a video demonstrating his work on our Best Buy Demo, which can be viewed on our demos page.

Ecommerce product search is one of the use cases for which we have been repeatedly engaged for professional services. We love doing these projects because the story doesn’t need to be sold. Speed and flexibility can pretty easily be traced to conversion rate.

As a shopper, I am part of the problem. When faced with a slow loading site, I often just abandon my shopping experience and go over to Amazon. My tendency is rather typical. Several years ago, a pair of Stanford professors, working for Amazon, demonstrated that for every one tenth of a second of load time, conversions decreased by one percent.

Most merchants are well aware of the phenomenon, and the ones remaining on their circa 2005 shopping cart technology will get left behind.