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The Elasticsearch core team recently published Elasticsearch version 5.1. This is a major version, and it has several breaking changes that required serious dev time from our team to address. We are proud to announce you can now deploy Elasticsearch 5.1 as a service on Qbox.io.

Version 5.1 has several significant changes that grant a superior and more cohesive cloud experience for our customers.

Improvement highlights:

  1. Faster indexing performance
  2. New data processing and pipeline through Ingest API, dedicated Ingestion nodes
  3. New default scripting language “Painless” is fast and secure
  4. New fields and structure improvements
  5. Major Search API speed improvements
  6. New error messaging and features for a more informed user experience
  7. Greater intelligence and improvements for Resiliency
  8. New(!!!) Java REST client
  9. Migration Helper plugin to prepare 2.x cluster for 5.x upgrade

We’re excited about all the work that went into this release by the Elastic team and the open source community that supports it.

Contact our support team when you’re ready to get help with your migration to Elasticsearch 5.1.

Breaking Changes

A lot has changed from 2.x to 5.x. Several deprecated features from previous versions have been removed, and many changes were made. Consult the breaking changes documentation for more in-depth details, and please read all breaking changes thoroughly before you upgrade to 5.x production.

Below are topics (with links) that many of our customers will find important:

  1. Upgrading Indices to 5.x — If you are using 1.x or 0.90, you will need to reindex your data to 2.x or 5.x for these indices to be readable by 5.x. Here are a couple of options to reindexing for upgrades to an ES version.
  2. Search and Query DSL removals, replacements and changes — If you use Elasticsearch to query or search, we highly recommend reading this entire section.
  3. Mapping field changes, removals, and replacements — Many major changes, removals, and replacements; _timestamp and _ttl no longer valid.
  4. Aggregation field refactoring, accepted value changes — Size can no longer be zero; no more fractional time values (1.5h), significant term, and ip range changes.
  5. Index API changes, removals — Warmer API and warmers removed; closing/deleting snapshotting indices will now fail; more. No longer allows indices to be created started with – or +, stats and parameter changes.
  6. Suggester changes — Completion suggester has been completely rewritten, and response/syntax/structure has changed.
  7. Percolator configuration and use changes/deprecation — Percolator and multi-percolate APIs have been deprecated and will be removed in a later major version. Both APIs are replaced by percolate query, .percolator type forbidden.
  8. Document API  — Changes to refresh, field deprecations, and renames.
  9. Cluster/Node/Index Setting changes  — Major changes have been handled by Qbox in the backend for you.
  10. Scripting/Templates — Major changes, deprecations, removals/replacements. If you use scripts/templates, read this entire section.
  11. Shard allocation and reroute changes — If you are performing any reroute or shard manipulation, this is a very important section.
  12. JAVA API changes — If you are using the JAVA API, we highly recommend reading this entire section.
  13. REST API changes and removals —
    1. Unrecognized query string parameters will fail a request.
    2. Index creation endpoint now only accepts PUT, previously accepted POST.
    3. ID values longer than 512 bytes are rejected.
    4. Analyze API parameters filters and char_filters renamed to filter and char_filter. token_filters parameter has been removed; use filter instead.
    5. Unquoted JSON field names are now forbidden; temporary option. Delasticsearch.json.allow_unquoted_field_names added.
    6. DELETE /_query endpoint removed because Delete-By-Query plugin has been replaced by Delete By Query API.
    7. Create stored script endpoint removed; indexed scripts have been replaced by stored scripts.
    8. Create stored template endpoint removed.
    9. Support detecting content in Java properties format (line-delimited key=value pairs) removed in REST endpoints (e.g., cluster update index settings).

Tiers of 5.1 Qbox Support

Here’s our commitment on the timing for different levels of needs. They are all completely free as part of your account.


To upgrade your version on Qbox, fill out a support ticket or select 5.1 when you launch a new cluster. As always, checking for breaking changes in a staging environment is suggested.

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, please contact our support team for help.