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Bitemyapp, an avid Haskell user and contributor to several github projects, is building a new client library and DSL for Elasticsearch in Haskell. The project — aptly named “Bloodhound” — is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license and is publicly available on github for contributions.

Bloodhound is currently the primary Haskell client and DSL for Elasticsearch, with Bitemyapp currently the only contributor to the project. In alpha, Bloodhound is not to be considered final or stable at this time, but as bitemyapp explains:

“Bloodhound is alpha at the moment. The library works fine, but I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking the API is final or stable. I wouldn’t call the library “complete” or representative of everything you can do in Elasticsearch but compared to clients in other languages, the usability is good.”

Although our team at Qbox doesn’t use Haskell, we’re always happy to see Elasticsearch users creating content to support Elasticsearch accessibility and to help spread the word about its awesomeness. Exploring languages with which we aren’t familiar is always exciting and offers alternative perspectives on solutions to a problems.

If you’re looking to contact bitemyapp for more information, you can contact him on twitter, github, and by email cma@bitemyapp.com. For more bitemyapp projects, blog posts, and tutorial you can visit his Hakyll site http://bitemyapp.com/.

As always, Qbox is looking for interesting Elasticsearch projects or implementations in the community to highlight. If you have a new client library, plugin, analyzer, or project utilizing Elasticsearch, contact us on twitter @qboxio or by email, and we’ll be delighted to highlight your projects.