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Elasticsearch has released Marvel, a cluster management and monitoring product built by members of the team itself. Marvel is an incredibly detailed system to monitor your cluster events providing deep insight into real-time metrics on your cluster, node, and indices. Marvel keeps you ten steps ahead allowing you to see where problems will arise. Giving you the heads up on every event and exactly what was affected. Even when you need to travel back in time, Marvel has you fully prepared, storing all historical metrics for you to view anytime. This allows for more time developing and less time dealing with cluster headaches.

Marvel takes full advantage of Kibana with all types of wonderful customized panels and visualizations. Keeping all this valuable data beautifully organized and completely seamless is what Kibana was made for. Elasticsearch has been developing Kibana for over three years now and it remains to be the premium Elasticsearch visualization. Similar to Elasticsearch, Kibana is an open source (Apache Licensed) product now built entirely in HTML and Javascript. Kibana keeps Marvel visually consumable even for the greenest developer. This is an extremely robust solution, created by the same developers who developed Elasticsearch itself.

Marvel will certainly function with any qbox cluster. However, there is one important caveat to using it. Unlike the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack, Marvel is commercially licensed. Development use is free, but once you start utilizing Marvel in production, it should be licensed. Pricing starts at $500 for the first 5 nodes. If you have a subscription for commercial support from Elasticsearch, Marvel is included. As an official partner of Elasticsearch, we have been empowered by them to help you with either, or both, arrangements. Just contact Mark@qbox.io.