Qbox to join forces with Instaclustr. Read about it on our blog post here.

The team behind Qbox.io and Supergiant.io will join other companies at the ATX Startup Crawl at SXSW to introduce their hosted elasticsearch product and their open-source container orchestration system on March 13 from 5PM – 10PM.

Join us as the Startup Crawl showcases the best in talent, startups, and more that Austin’s technology community has to offer. Last year had more than 90 companies and 12,000+ registered crawlers. This year is going to be just as awesome.


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Qbox is a foundational hosted elasticsearch service used by companies all over the world. Launch our supported, fully-managed, RESTful search application instantly. The team behind Qbox also open sourced their new cloud software Supergiant.io.


Supergiant is the first production-grade container orchestration system that makes it easy to manage auto-scaling, clustered, stateful datastores.

Supergiant began in 2015 when the team at Qbox.io needed a production-ready, scalable solution for their Hosted Elasticsearch Service. After massive initial internal success, it was refined to easily launch and manage any containerized application. Supergiant solves many huge problems for developers who want to use scalable, distributed databases in a containerized environment.


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Built on top of Kubernetes, Supergiant exposes many underlying key features and makes them easy to use as top-layer abstractions. A Supergiant installation can be up and running in minutes, and users can take advantage of automated server management/capacity control, auto-scaling, shareable load balancers, volume management, extensible deployments, and resource monitoring through an effortless user interface.

Qbox features free support with fully managed upgrades, automatic backups, security, and a host of plugins for a robust enterprise search offering. It also has a wealth of educational elasticsearch tutorials to get users up and running quickly and effectively.