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The Qbox support team is available round-the-clock. Anytime you need us, we’re just a click away. We always make time for our customers. That’s a fact.

Our premium Elasticsearch support and maintenance are manned by the first and the best in hosted Elasticsearch, it’s SLA-backed, available 24/7, and last, but not least, free. 

Unlike other providers, we include our premium support and maintenance programs in the monthly cost of your cluster.

Premium Elasticsearch support beyond any other

Our whole team is entirely focused on utilizing best practices to fully support you and maintain your clusters throughout your Elasticsearch experience. This is why our premium support and maintenance is one of our most powerful added values.

We’re always thinking about the next best step to improve the support experience and weave our hosted Elasticsearch community more tightly together. It’s amazing to see how much time, money and effort we save our customers on a monthly basis.

Tiers of Elasticsearch supports

Here’s our commitment on the timing for different levels of needs, all completely free as part of your account.


Empowering developers through Elasticsearch support

Our best in class Elasticsearch support team is enabling developers from all around the globe to start at a full sprint with the help from our Elasticsearch knowledge at Qbox. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, developers are always excited to jump into Elasticsearch.

We enable developers to get over any obstacle and focus on the real essence of their data through our managed and supported hosted Elasticsearch service.

Free support and maintenance

Unlike most of the other hosted Elasticsearch providers, our premium support and maintenance programs are included in the monthly cost of your cluster. In other words, they have no additional cost, they’re free.

These are the features we provide for no additional cost:


24/7 every day of the year.

SLA backed

Development support from Elasticsearch experts

Available via phone and Web

Support for all versions of Elasticsearch



Daily back-up and restore

Scaling support and advice

-One-click Elasticsearch version upgrade OR Complete management of Elasticsearch version upgrades OR Seamless Elasticsearch version upgrade-

Data Migration to new clusters

Easy deploy and administration dashboard

Aid in maximizing performance



Pre-approved plugins

Fully customizable and custom plugins

Expert administration support


How can you request support?

If you’re a Qbox customer, you will always be able to submit a support ticket  at any time or visit our support page  with our FAQs.

If you’re not a Qbox customer yet, get started with us today and request your 24/7 premium support to launch your first cluster without a cinch.