Qbox Joins Instaclustr, Plans March 31, 2023, Sunset Date. Read about it in our blog post here.

Qbox.io proudly announces that we now offer dedicated clusters of Elasticsearch, the popular open source data exploration and analytics platform. Dedicated clusters via Qbox offer the following benefits:

  • Enhanced stability with more predictable performance. If a customer in a shared environment happens to have a particularly memory-intensive facet or does a massive bulk update, the performance suffers while extra resources are being spun up. That is the nature of shared resources, and it’s the give-back for the extra low price point. Dedicated clusters are different. Your memory and compute resources are reserved for your use.
  • Provisioning at your fingertips. Our new interface allows you to configure the number of nodes, the amount of memory, the amount of storage, and the size of your compute instance before provisioning. And once you’ve provisioned your resource, it’s easy to add nodes.


  • Support for plugins. Using the growing list of Elasticsearch plugins in a shared environment can be problematic unless the plugin is configured to allow index-level monitoring without admin access. Few plugins are configured this way. With admin access, it’s easy for us to deploy that for you. Check out this list of community-supported plugins.
  • Now you can use your favorite Elasticsearch client. Functionality was previously limited if your client required admin access. Now that problem is solved. Our friends at Elasticsearch have composed this list of official clients.
  • Choose from among several monitoring plugins. The default is Paramedic by Karel Minařík, but we also include Elasticsearch Head, BigDesk, Elastic Hammer, Elasticsearch Inquisitor, and Roy Russo’s Elasticsearch HQ. These options are available from the Qbox config dashboard.
  • Deployment available to data centers on 5 continents. All Rackspace and Amazon Web Services data centers are available for deployment. Locating your index near your other assets increases performance.

While we intend to keep offering managed indexes on the shared cluster, these dedicated clusters offer the most robust way for you to deploy production-worthy apps. As one of the only U.S.-based partners of Elasticsearch, we can also offer application-level professional support from the same people who wrote the code base.

Finally, we have a team of talented engineers here at Qbox, and we offer our services for custom projects of all types. Please contact us if you have a custom project in mind.

As always, we value your feedback. Support queries are continuously monitored, and you can always directly email CEO Mark Brandon [mark at stacksearch.com] at any time.