Qbox to join forces with Instaclustr. Read about it on our blog post here.

They went live Sunday night, but new versions of Elasticsearch are now available for deployment from your Qbox Dashboard. Versions 1.4.4 (release notes) and 1.3.9 (release notes) were released late last week. Both are minor releases with bug fixes. As always, test your application before moving into production, as breaking changes are known to occur.

We have had a lot of requests regarding Kibana 4, and I just wanted to provide an update. This version requires much more work to provide a stable hosted environment. Prior to Kibana 4, it was a client side product, only requiring us to install a plugin.When versions changed, it was easy. With Kibana 4, it becomes a server side product. To make this stable, we will need to connect securely to server-side architecture, whether on Qbox or elsewhere. We need to adequately test these security settings, as well as reconfigure our deployment library to create a good user experience. It is a priority in our product pipeline.

This only applies to instances where we are provisioning your Kibana 4 nodes. In the meantime, there is no reason that Qbox Elasticsearch endpoints can not work with your own Kibana 4 install. By local, I mean deployments in your own cloud account, or indeed, on premise. Just configure your IP Whitelisting or https security settings to enable the communication.