Qbox Joins Instaclustr, Plans March 31, 2023, Sunset Date. Read about it in our blog post here.

Marvel, the commercial product from Elasticsearch which is used to monitor cluster performance, is an awesome addition to Elasticsearch. It is beautiful, comprehensive, and written by the same people who created our favorite data exploration and analytics platform. The pricing for this tool is about to change, so if you use it, pay attention. Even though we are in the partner program at Elasticsearch, we do not directly benefit from Marvel sales. However, for those that use Marvel with their Qbox clusters, we have definitely noticed more production uses, fewer support tickets, and larger deployments. So, we are fans of the product.

On October 17, the price of Marvel is slated to change. Currently, it is $500/yr for the first 5-node bundle and $3,000/yr for each 5-node bundle after the first 5. After the price change, the price for the first 5-node bundle will increase to $1,000/yr while subsequent 5-node bundles will be reduced to $250.

So, if you are thinking about using Marvel now or in the future, you should consider buying the first 5-node bundle now before the price change, saving the subsequent bundles until after Oct. 17. If you are a current licensed user of Marvel, you should consider deferring the purchase until Oct. 17.

Marvel is free for development use, and it’s production use is included if you are an Enterprise Support customer. We do definitely benefit from annual support contract sales, so we will be happy to help you if this is a need. Just let us know.