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Luca Bonmassar, co-founder of Gild, a company that helps employers identify developers that stand out for a particular skill, gave a talk at RubyConf 2013 in Miami about Elasticsearch’s more important features.

The features that he covers include:

  • Always changing the default cluster name(at 12:30 in the video).
  • Highlighting search results (26:15) for a intuitive user search experience.
  • Facets (30:22) for buckets of contexts on search terms.
  • Search suggesters (33:35) for “did you mean… ?” search suggestion.
  • Percolators (35:18) for registering a term on an index that matches a list of queries.

Well done, Luca, and many thanks for the great talk. We only wish he had included Qbox in his call-out for Elasticsearch-as-a-service hosting and support. Be sure to check out the end of the video for all social and code information.