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During our recent trip to Boston for an Elasticsearch meetup, we heard a great talk by Xiao Yu on the challenges presented by large Elasticsearch clusters. If you’ve used a distributed data store, you probably can relate to the difficulty of managing several nodes. Xiao (@HypertextRanch), a Boston dev and blogger, knows all about those challenges — and he created a new Elasticsearch plugin to deal with them.

Whatson, the “Elasticsearch Consulting Detective,” is the name of this friendly new plugin. While we designed Qbox to make the administration of multiple nodes a breeze, it can’t hurt to have a great monitoring at hand. That’s why we are happy to announce that Whatson is now available for our Qbox customers.

Inspired by popular Elasticsearch plugins such as Head and Segment Spy, Xiao designed Whatson to bring the best monitoring plugin features under one roof. It provides familiar visualizations of cluster state but takes us one step further and differentiates itself by focusing on clusters with many nodes.

Built with D3.js, Whatson brings ease in monitoring visualizations for our nodes, indices, shards, and segments. In addition, Whatson lets us drill down to segment data per index or share, focusing on visualizing large clusters and highlighting potential problems lurking there. Some Elasticsearch monitoring plugins struggle with several nodes, but not Whatson. It lets you see right through them so you can identify, diagnose, and defeat problems.

Interested in more about Whatson and Qbox? Then you’ll want to check out Xiao Yu’s blog post and the Whatson repository on Github.