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It’s very exciting for us to announce that we are extending our global reach in providing hosted Elasticsearch to our customers. In addition to many other locations around the world, we now have SoftLayer data centers available in these cities: Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Milan, Montreal, Queretaro (tech center in Central Mexico), Sydney, and Tokyo.

This marks another milestone for Qbox as we continue to execute on our plan to enable worldwide hosted Elasticsearch capability for all of our customers.



On Demand Around the Globe

In addition to our Amazon EC2 and Rackspace data centers all throughout the world, you can now choose from new SoftLayer data centers in these 7 locations:


  • Frankfurt (complements our central European EC2 data center)
  • Hong Kong (complements our Rackspace data center already there)
  • Milan
  • Montreal
  • Queretaro (tech center in central Mexico)
  • Sydney (along with EC2 and Rackspace data centers, we now have 3 here)
  • Tokyo (in addition to our EC2 data center there)

Qbox users can see the entire SoftLayer region list and the corresponding codes on their dashboard at https://qbox.io/dashboard/clusters/softlayer/new.

In addition, we now have additional SoftLayer data centers in Amsterdam and Dallas. Including all of our Amazon EC2 and Rackspace centers, we now manage a total of 37 hosted Elasticsearch data centers in the most important geos all across the globe.

Top Benefits of Hosted Elasticsearch with Qbox

Been thinking that you spend too much of your time and effort running your homegrown Elasticsearch environment? If you’re like we were back in the day, there are times when you need some relief from the headaches that come along with the housekeeping and instability issues that you need to tackle. Consider the benefits of bringing your Elasticsearch environment into the cloud with Qbox:

  • Easy management of your clusters
  • Smarter rebuilds with the Qbox dashboard
  • Minimum downtime with built-in failover and automatic node recovery
  • Monitors and alerts
  • Automatic backup with selective restore
  • Strong yet flexible security

Read about the details of these benefits in our blog article, Top 6 Benefits of Hosted Elasticsearch.

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Give It a Whirl!

Qbox makes it easy to sign up and then provision a cluster, as we explain in our short article on Provisioning an Elasticsearch Cluster on Qbox.