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Qbox is proud to offer Qbox Private Cloud Elasticsearch Hosting, which allows even lower pricing and even tighter integration with the Amazon Web Services ecosystem. Contact Qbox Sales for custom pricing.

Qbox Private Cloud Hosting lets you take advantage of AWS Reserved Instance pricing and AWS Promotional Credits while retaining 24/7 support and maintenance from the Qbox Support team. Count on your clusters being up when you need them and still receive Qbox Support, including: fully managed upgrades, automatic data backups, managed migrations, and Elasticsearch plugins on AWS. Development support is also available.

A Better Option at Scale

Elasticsearch has matured from its early days as an just an enterprise search application to support data analytics, log discovery, and many more indispensable operations at scale. Likewise, Amazon Web Services has become the go-to cloud infrastructure provider for many industries, and AWS has proven its ability to scale for enterprise customers. It was natural for AWS to offer their own Elasticsearch Service in 2015, but many businesses prefer Qbox’s expertise, performance, and service. Qbox Private Elasticsearch Service for AWS merges the best of these two worlds into a hosted Elasticsearch service that scales affordably.

Qbox Private Hosting now allows customers to negotiate node instance price directly with AWS, including Reserved Instances and AWS Credits, while they continue to use the Qbox dashboard to manage and resize Elasticsearch — and to receive 24/7 support from the Qbox Support team for migrations, upgrades, and development questions.

Empower your team to launch sooner with fewer hangups by getting Elasticsearch support from the experts. Then run in production with greater confidence, leaner efficiency, and lower infrastructure costs.

Available Immediately

Qbox Private Cloud Elasticsearch Hosting is available now for qualifying accounts. To enable private cloud options in your Qbox dashboard, contact Qbox Sales. Our team will be glad to explain your account options, and our legendary Qbox Support team will be glad to help you migrate.

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