Qbox to join forces with Instaclustr. Read about it on our blog post here.

With thanks to our partners at IBM Softlayer, as of today, Qbox Elasticsearch instances can now be deployed in Toronto, London, and Hong Kong. While we already had options for London and Hong Kong with other cloud partners, this is a first for the 2nd largest country (by land mass) to our North. IBM has been aggressively investing in the Softlayer platform they acquired last year. There will be more announcements regarding how this positively affects Qbox customers over the next few days.

Like just about every cloud-based service, we often hear objections from our non-US customers that their data needs to be domiciled in their country. For some, this is a response to home country regulations preventing data export, allowing data to leave borders. For most, it’s about having their Elasticsearch indexes as close as possible to their primary data store for reasons of reducing latency, maximizing performance, or minimizing outbound bandwidth charges. About 60% of our customer base resides outside of the United States, so we have made it a core value to ensure that our service can be deployed in as many locations as possible.

We invite your feedback if there is a data center, or even an additional cloud partner, to which we should extend our service. Meanwhile, you can launch a cluster now in our new locations.