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Qbox Has Been Funded

Posted by Mark Brandon August 28, 2015

We’re thrilled to announce that we have just raised $2.4 million from a batch of investors, large and small, all of whom add significant value to the Qbox team. You can read about it on VentureBeat and elsewhere.

I recently read that being congratulated on a round of fundraising is like being congratulated for taking out a mortgage (credit: Ryan Smith, CEO, Qualtrics). It’s the conclusion of a sometimes painful process, but it’s only the beginning. I’ll leave my personal reflections and pats-on-the-back to personal social profiles, since there are so many individuals we could thank. But let’s not digress into an Academy Awards snoozer in this forum.

The main reason for this post is to thank the real people who made it all possible, our customers. Our team has been given the resources and the chance to hire the best and brightest to build an even more awesome search-as-a-service. Even with the larger team and more resources, we have not lost sight of how we got here. It remains our mission to provide the simplest deployment dashboard with the most responsive customer support in the enterprise open source space.

We can’t wait for the next few months. As a teaser, we have been hard at work on what we are internally referring to as Project Gossamer. Some have seen it. For still others, it was the reason they invested. We can’t say too much, but suffice to say that we will be adding to our foundation of managed Elasticsearch, making it easier for our customers to build front-end search and analytics experiences on top of their Qbox indices.

Until this happens, we’re now desperately needing your help finding awesome team members. We’re hiring across the board in San Francisco, Fayetteville, and wherever the talent leads us.

Stay tuned. It will only get better.