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We are excited to introduce the new cluster status feature available on the cluster index page in the Qbox dashboard. The feature is live starting from August 6, 2019.

Feature Overview

The feature shows the current state of Elasticsearch clusters on the cluster index page. It lets Qbox users stay permanently updated on the health of their clusters and the current cluster state.

There are six possible cluster statuses:

  • green
  • yellow
  • red
  • creating
  • restoring from a backup
  • re-provisioning

The first three (green, yellow, red) indicate the cluster health status described in this Elasticsearch doc.

If the cluster is green, the status column displays an up facing green arrow. Correspondingly, if the cluster is yellow, a yellow up facing arrow is displayed. Finally, a red down facing arrow indicates that your cluster is red (see the image below).

Also, we have added several statuses for clusters in the intermediary state. These statuses are pretty self-explanatory.

“Creating” status is displayed when the cluster is being created. “Restoring from a backup” is displayed when the cluster is being restored from the backup specified by the user. Finally, the “re-provisioning” status is displayed when the cluster is being re-provisioned (see the image below).

Cluster statuses

We also added a refresh button on the bottom left of the cluster index page so that users can refresh the statuses if needed.