Qbox to join forces with Instaclustr. Read about it on our blog post here.

Qbox users will be glad to know that both the development and support of the Qbox platform will accelerate quite noticeably in the coming weeks and months. That’s because we have gone through a recent boost in hiring. It’s absolutely thrilling to build upon our successes by adding four new staff members to the Qbox family.

Our first major round of funding has given Qbox the means to expand our staff. We’re increasing the size of our team by four, including these fine folks:


Brian Sage joins Qbox in the role of product manager, where he will oversee planning and execution of product development. In his most recent position with Acumen Brands, he guided strategy, planning, UX/UI, and A/B testing efforts, and he was a significant player in both the Country Outfitter and Maple & West brands. Brian previously spent 7 years as a graphic designer for 7 years at IFWorld, a leading Arkansas mobile and web app design consultancy.

Mike Johnston is joining us as an infrastructure engineer, after a run at Acumen Brands. At Qbox, he will perform design and architecture work and apply more automation to our DevOps. Prior to Acumen—where he did similar work—he was a server engineer for 10 years at Wal-Mart Stores headquarters.

Scott deVries becomes our first international hire and lead designer. A resident of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Scott has finally agreed to come over to the client side (some would say dark side). After 6 years as a freelance consultant, he is joining Qbox to be the keeper of all design and interaction assets.

Michael Hill joins Qbox as a support engineer—our third staffer having the name Mike! Mike Hill has long-term friendships with several of our existing Qbox employees. He also brings substantial relevant experience from his tenure with Acumen Brands data team, as well as a background in developing ERP systems with Ability, LLC.

You may notice a common thread now running through the company. Three of our new team members—along with three existing team members (Ben, Brad, and Josh)—have all previously worked together at e-commerce powerhouse, Acumen Brands. Bringing these guys onto our team is a no-brainer because they are all known quantities and trusted friends. Please welcome them to the company.

One more thing: we continue to ask for your help in building our Qbox team. We’re still hiring across the board for developer, design, support, and sales talent. Anyone who takes interest and has relevant experience can apply here. Or feel free to email me directly. I always make time for talented people.