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As you are focused on building your solutions, you may be missing interesting new ways that Elasticsearch and Qbox.io can boost your search capabilities.

Cubrid: Our Experience of Creating Large Scale Log Search System Using ElasticSearch

“At NHN we have a service called NELO (NHN Error Log System) to manage and search logs pushed to the system by various applications and other Web services. The search performance and functionality of NELO2, the second generation of the system, have significantly been improved through ElasticSearch. Today I would like to share our experience at NHN in deploying ElasticSearch in Log Search Systems.”


The Shipyard: WordPress + Elasticsearch + Elasticpress

“As everyone knows, the default search in WordPress is pretty terrible. No metadata is included in the search, neither are taxonomies etc etc. It was clear that we need a vastly improved solution and we settled eventually on Elasticsearch, a well established and totally awesome search engine with a developer friendly REST API.”



GoDaddy Engineering: Premium Results through Elasticsearch

“The GoDaddy FIND Team is responsible for services that help suggest domain names. While this sounds reasonably straightforward, it is a critical function of taking a customer from the point of being interested to making the purchase of the perfect domain name – and when it comes to premium names, the higher price point means the suggestions must be right on target. Based on an initial starting suggestion, be it an initial domain name or even just search terms, we leverage ElasticSearch to quickly and insightfully suggest names to the customer.”


BitQuabit: Fun with Python on Elasticsearch

“So, what’ll we do as our first project? Well, for awhile, I’ve wanted super-fast offline search through my Gmail messages for when I’m traveling. The quickest solution I know for getting incredibly fast full-text search is to whip out Elasticsearch, a really excellent full-text search engine that I used to great effect on Kiln at Fog Creek.2


Jordan Wright: Introducing Elastichoney

“I recently wrote about an Elasticsearch RCE vulnerability that is being heavily exploited in the wild. To see what kind of attacks are taking place, I decided to write a simple honeypot designed to mimic a vulnerable Elasticsearch (ES) instance. Say hello to elastichoney!”



So, were those a fun or helpful diversion from your work, yet totally billable? Do you have posts you’ve written you’d like to share with the Qbox community?  We’d love to hear from you!