The suggest API is one of the important APIs in Elasticsearch. It is used extensively in search solutions to tremendously improve the user experience. Ranging from normal autocomplete to context based suggestions, this API has many interesting use cases, which we will explore. In this tutorial, we show how to implement a simple autocomplete with elasticsearch.

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After answering a question about autocomplete on StackOverflow, we thought it best to come over to the Qbox blog and write more extensively about the different ways of approaching autocomplete.

In this article, we include an example of how to get autocomplete up and running quickly in Elasticsearch with the Completion Suggest feature. We don't intend for this to be a complete treatment of the topic, but we do aim to give you enough information to get going as painlessly as possible.

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Autocomplete is everywhere. Users have come to expect this feature in almost any search experience, and an elegant way to implement it is an essential tool for every software developer.

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It’s no secret that Rackspace has taken an interest in innovative startups that can get their arms around emerging Big Data technologies, package them in a hosted environment and sell them as a service. The trend is good for customers who won’t have to build and scale out infrastructure. It’s good for stimulating open technologies. It’s good for our partners in the Rackspace Startup Program and it’s good for Rackspace.

One such prototypical effort has been under development by our friends at, which just launched a search-as-a-service project around Hosted ElasticSearch. The project was built out by StackSearch, a Fayetteville, Ark.-based startup, and a Startup Program member. Along with Apache Solr, ElasticSearch is the bleeding edge of open-source search servers. ElasticSearch, the open-source project, began four years ago, led by Shay Bannon, who now leads a for-profit company by the same name. The eco-system is growing rapidly, as evidenced by some astounding fundraising by the Amsterdam-based company.