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The popularity of Elasticsearch is largely attributable to the ease with which a user can approach and begin using it. Although it’s true that a developer can ramp up quickly to some of the basic skills in Elasticsearch, it can be quite difficult to diagnose and solve problems. We know all too well that there are many common pitfalls that new and intermediate users encounter.

You’ll be glad to know that this article provides you with a number of suggestions, tips, and tricks to help ease your journey and reduce frustration. We consider this information to be elemental for new Elasticsearch users, and we also expect that intermediate users will find much of value here.

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Welcome to Episode #2 of our Elasticsearch tutorial series. Today we’ll explore some of the Query DSL of Elasticsearch, including an example of how to implement features of Elasticsearch into your application.

We will begin this episode by replaying a bit of Episode #1 of this tutorial series. Let’s first install Elasticsearch and start a single node cluster, and then we’ll change some default settings and index some new documents.

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