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Elasticsearch recently published two new releases, and both are now available for Qbox users to upgrade their clusters. Version 1.6.1 contains bug fixes and small enhancements. Along with some security fixes, release 1.7.0 adds two new features to Elasticsearch: delayed shard allocation and prioritization of index recovery. We recommend that you upgrade as soon as you can accommodate it in your environment.

Qbox customers can contact support to request an upgrade to either release. Read this article for a distillation of the release notes and the benefits of these upgrades.

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A key question in the minds of most Elasticsearch users when they create an index is “How many shards should I use?”

In this article we explain the design tradeoffs and performance consequences of choosing different values for the number of shards. Continue reading if you want to learn how to demystify and optimize your sharding strategy.

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