Qbox to join forces with Instaclustr. Read about it on our blog post here.


We’re super excited to announce the availability of Kibana on Qbox clusters. If you’ve been anywhere near the Elasticsearch community recently, you’ve most likely heard about it. It’s all the rage.

Kibana is a browser-based analytics and search interface for time-stamped data sets stored in Elasticsearch. In addition to neing beautiful, it integrates seemlessly with Logstash and provides sample dashboards for immediate visual gratification. Dashboards are fully customizable with a wide variety of graphs, charts, and maps from which to choose. They can also be saved/loaded directly from your cluster.

While Kibana is already a breeze to install and setup, we hope we’ve lowered the barrier to entry even further by making it a one-click option in our dashboard. So go ahead and build that sexy central logging system of your dreams. You know you want it.