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Elasticsearch on AWS

Use AWS Reserved Instances and Credits. Run Elasticsearch Plugins on AWS and Get 24/7 Support.

Qbox Private Hosted Elasticsearch lets you use Elasticsearch on AWS and still enjoy the benefits of the Qbox dashboard, VPC peering, plugins, and 24/7 Support.

Elasticsearch + Amazon Web Services

Take Advantage of:

  • AWS Reserved Instance Pricing

    Drive down AWS bills with AWS Reserved Instance pricing. Qbox Private Hosted Elasticsearch lets you easily provision Qbox-supported Elasticsearch on EC2 reserved instances.

  • Elasticsearch Plugins on AWS

    Use the Qbox dashboard to install and manage Elasticsearch plugins. Get the best of both worlds when you use the Qbox dashboard to manage Elasticsearch on AWS.

  • 24/7 Qbox Support

    The Qbox Support team delivers timely support around the world for production-level applications at scale. Get backed by Qbox Support, and maximize your productivity.

  • More Versions of Elasticsearch

    Qbox supports the latest major version of Elasticsearch. Choose the version and plugins that are right for your project. Don't restrict your work to stale versions and unpatched bugs. Get more out of the Elasticsearch in the cloud.

Contact Qbox Sales and get custom pricing on Qbox Private Elasticsearch.

Contact Sales for Custom Pricing

The Perfect Fit for:

  • Elasticsearch at Scale

    We're ready to help you reduce overhead and trim your costs at scale by leveraging AWS reserved instance pricing.

  • AWS Credits

    Take advantage of AWS Credits on Elasticsearch hosting that offers more versions, more support, more plugins, more security, and, well... more.

  • Secure Elasticsearch Clusters

    When security is important, combine disk-level encryption and VPC peering to completely lock-down your Elasticsearch from outsiders.

  • VPC Peering Elasticsearch

    Only Qbox enables VPC peering of your Elasticsearch clusters with your other AWS cloud resources. Contact Qbox Sales for details and to get started.

Get Custom Pricing

Get custom pricing and Elasticsearch support to fit the scale you need.
Use this form, and Qbox Sales will contact you.

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