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Hosted Elasticsearch

Supported 24/7 on the fastest and most reliable infrastructure

Hosted Elasticsearch on Supergiant

Supergiant was built to change the fundamentals of Hosted Elasticsearch and provide the best experience in the industry.

Launch, scale, and resize a more affordable cluster in a fraction of the time, and get free 24/7 Qbox support and maintenance backed by SSD storage on blazing fast infrastructure.

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As always, every cluster has 24/7 Premium support that includes maintenance, version upgrades, right-sizing support, and more, backed by SLA.

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  • More Affordable at Any Scale

    Affordably priced with free 24/7 Premium support and maintenance backed by SLA.

  • Automated Disaster Recovery

    Fully automated disaster recovery without manual effort.

  • Absolute Zero Downtime Scaling

    Resize replicated clusters with zero query time interruption.

  • A Perfect, Dedicated Fit

    Adjust RAM and processors independently to align with your data requirements.

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What is the difference with
Elasticsearch on Supergiant?

  • More Affordable at Your Size

    Supergiant is designed to make computational and storage resources more affordable for any size. Provision or scale clusters with light or heavy processors and RAM to match exactly what you want. Then adjust in production to match what you need.

  • Absolute Zero Downtime Replicated Scaling

    Resize replicated clusters with absolutely zero query time interruption and no need to change endpoints. Scaling controls are accessible via the dashboard for all clusters.

  • Single Endpoint Smart Scaling

    Resize and replicate any cluster from your dashboard without migrations, switching endpoints, or additional manual intervention. Simply select the size that meets your changing performance needs.

  • Uptime Assurance Automation

    In case of catastrophic server failure, Supergiant guards your data and relaunches new clusters, so computing power is continually assured with automated disaster recovery without manual intervention.

  • Dedicated Provisioning

    Our servers are built for Elasticsearch performance. Processors and RAM are reserved for your cluster. Try us out and experience the difference reserved resources make.

  • Blazing Fast Network Infrastructure

    Qbox’s Supergiant infrastructure starts with hardware provisioning that makes a big difference. We’ve made numerous choices to provide the fastest Elasticsearch performance.

  • SSD Storage

    Supergiant’s high-availability storage system stores data across multiple solid state drives. Get the fastest storage performance available, and never think about disk storage space again.

  • Never Ever Lose Data

    Ever. Supergiant’s high-availability disk storage system is continually mirrored in the cloud for immediate and continuous disaster recovery.

  • Powered by Qbox

    Get 24/7 Premium Elasticsearch support and maintenance. Discover how easy we make it to manage Elasticsearch, and get started now.

Create your free account, and launch an Elasticsearch cluster perfectly sized to fit your needs. Don't pay for what you don't need.

24/7 Support

24/7 Premium Support for everyone.

Get reserved, fully-managed Elasticsearch resources from the best. Cluster cores and RAM are reserved, independent, and billed by the hour. Select the exactly the exact right size for you.

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  • 24/7 Premium support with all clusters
  • Equal pricing in all data centers
  • Choose your data center from 4 different cloud providers
  • AWS VPC peering for both security and speed

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