Hosted Elasticsearch Pricing

Get dedicated, fully-managed Elasticsearch resources from the best. Cluster cores and RAM are dedicated and billed by the hour. Select the right size and data center for you.

Clusters are billed hourly at the end of each month. Contact us for special large dataset pricing.

Qbox AWS Others
24/7/365 SLA-Backed Support $$$$ $$
< 1 hr critical issue response $$$$ $$
Performance optimization support $$$$ $$
Developer support from ES experts $$$$ $$
Phone and Web support $$$$ $$
Support for all versions of Elasticsearch $$
Typical Monthly Maintenance $$
Version upgrade support
Support for Kibana and pre-approved plugins
Custom plugins
Best practices guidance from Elasticsearch experts $$
AWS VPC security and speed

Create a dedicated elasticsearch cluster on any one of our cloud providers. All Qbox Elasticsearch clusters come with the following:

  • ...

    Max uptime & service support

    Automated recovery systems. 24x7 uptime support guarantees cluster availability.

  • ...

    Public & private access endpoints

    Each cluster is accessible via unique URL and private network IP.

  • ...

    Native Java API access

    Talk to Elasticsearch directory over TCP with the TransportClient.

  • ...

    Elasticsearch plugin support

    Add monitoring tools, language analyzers, Kibana, etc. to suit your needs.

  • ...


    Easily enable Elastic’s Kibana on any cluster for time-series data or log visualization.

  • ...

    Global on-demand cluster provisioning

    Create dedicated clusters in any datacenter of our multiple cloud providers.

  • ...

    Cluster scaling

    Add / remove nodes in a few clicks to adjust for load without changing endpoints.

  • ...

    Data security

    Authentication, AWS VPC peering, private cloud network access, and IP access rules

  • ...

    Daily backups

    You’re assured against data loss with quick recovery in any disaster scenario.

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