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How do I back up and restore my data?

Backups run daily using Elasticsearch’s Snapshot API , these backups are stored in our remote storage. We will have redundant storage for the past 7 days. You can restore a cluster to any of the prior backups, we can also upload snapshots to our storage for you to restore from. You can view and restore backups from the Qbox dashboard with “View backups” under the “Manage” dropdown or the Snapshot API. Also, with “Clone from backup” under the “Manage” dropdown in the cluster dashboard, you can quickly create a new cluster with the same setup and restore the new cluster it from this cluster’s most recent backup. Clone from backup is most useful when cluster failure is unrecoverable — as might happen during a cloud outage or complete resource overload. Below are screenshots of both backups and cloning from backup.

If you have any questions, please send them to our support team herehttps://qbox.io/dashboard/tick…

NOTE: We can also download and send snapshots to your storage. You can find a full explanation for sending you snapshots in the “How do I export my snapshots” article in our Help Center: https://qbox.io/support/articl…






Clone from backup